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    Organizational change

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    1-Why is organizational change so difficult?

    2-What are the similarities and differences between the various models of organizational change? What do you think about the different models?

    *Each reply must be at least 200 words and include one reference

    *Include a short personal insight that relates the above to specific work experiences.

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    Why is organizational change so difficult?

    Making changes in an organization can sometimes be compared to a person stopping a bad habit. When an organization changes it is plans to achieve a particular outcome, remove a portion of the objective, or change the entire goal all-together, it can become difficult to work out the details and get headed in the right direction once again. Sometimes changes are necessary for an organization to thrive. For example, a company tat does not compete globally may lose a significant amount of income because of that decision. However, if the company decided to compete globally, significant changes would be required to become successful. Leaders and managers that can successfully manage the changes within an organization will succeed while those that cannot will struggle and eventually fail (McNamara, n.d.).

    Organizational change is similar to changes that the school system makes so serve and educate children better. For example, in ...

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