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Cross Cultural Motivation

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Present Lowe's home improvement's cultural diversity characteristics, either cross-border or with respect to local level diversity (or both). Explain Lowe's' strategies for motivation with respect to this diversity.

Assess the effectiveness of the cross-cultural motivational strategies of Lowe's. Describe how Lowe's is either succeeding or falling short in motivation and whether these strategies are efficacious for the organization's values, mission, and vision.

Offer suggestions for improvement of these strategies based on established motivational theory. Provide rationale for your recommendations. Specifically, explain how your recommendation supports Lowe's values, mission, and vision while effectively motivating employees with respect to the existing diversity.

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Cross cultural motivations are discussed.

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Cross Cultural Motivation

Lowe's is a US based chain of retail home improvement and appliance stores that operates 1,745 stores with 248,000 employees in the US, Canada and Mexico. Lowe's is the second largest home improvement retailer worldwide. The company is committed to providing high-quality home improvement products at low prices with superior customer services. Lowe's offers a variety of home improvement products through the use of private brands in the store and online (Lowe's, 2012).

Lowe's Cultural Diversity Characteristics

The company culture is shaped by more than 248,000 men and women who work for company. The company corporate culture is diverse and it is based on teamwork, inclusivity and respect in both the business and community. Lowe's is committed to understand and reflect its communities' diverse culture in staffing, business partnerships and products. It is committed to make diversity and include culture through recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce (Lowe's, 2012). In the context of Lowe's, inclusion means creating a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to be grown and successful. The company treats each customer, employee, community, investor and vendor with respect and dignity.

Lowe's focuses on diversity and inclusion in mainly four areas, which are ...

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