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Motivation, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Team Work

Please provide paragraph -essay type answers

1) What are employee involvement programs? How might they increase employee motivation? Explain. with examples
2) What are the motivational benefits of intrinsic rewards? Explain.with examples
3) What are the strengths and weaknesses of group(Versus individual)
decision making? Discuss.with examples
4) How does group size affect group performance? Discuss.with examples
5) How can organizations create team players? Explain.with examples
6) What unique problems underlie cross-cultural communication?
Explain.with examples
7) How can organizations select and develop effective leaders? Explain.with examples
8) What are the causes and consequences of political behavior?
Explain. with examples

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This solution addresses various concepts in organizational behavior such as employee involvement programs, intrinsic rewards, group and individual decision making, group size, team players and cross-cultural communication. Each concept is illustrated with examples.