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Preparation for company interview

How can I best prepare myself for an interview? If asked about strengths and weaknesses how should I answer? Also, what kind of information should I know about the company?

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1. How can I best prepare myself for this interview?

Even for people who have had numerous job interviews, it can still be stressful. The best way to reduce the stress is to be prepared. This involves taking the time to review the "standard" interview questions you will most likely be asked. It is also helpful to review sample answers to these typical interview questions. (Some examples attached) Then you should take the time to research the company, so you will be ready with knowledgeable answers that might be asked specific to the company you are interviewing with.

When answering the question:

? First, internally note what competency or skill the employer may be seeking (hint: it may be more than one) and then always make sure you:

? Describe a specific, recent situation (if you can, try to keep it within two years)

? Detail your behavior or the actions you took to resolve the situation. (Be sure that your role is clear and significant)

? Share the outcome or the results of the situation. (www.jobinterviewquestions.org/.../behavioral-interview.asp)

If you have never had a position, you can draw on your experiences within an on-campus organization or sports team, volunteer work, prior internships, classroom experience or coursework. (see examples at www.jobinterviewquestions.org/.../behavioral-interview.asp)

I located some standard questions and best answers for each question that you can go over in preparing. It has questions directly related to the company and best answers as well (attached)

2. If asked about strengths and weaknesses how should I answer?

Often the necessary skills and abilities listed in the job description of the job you applying is a good place to start i.e. good communication skills, team player, etc. For example, does the organization say they need team players? someone with a strong attention to detail? keen problem solvers? or someone with superior customer service? Once you have a greater understanding of the kinds of skills they are seeking, you can begin to reflect upon experiences in which you demonstrated these skills. If you don't have a job description, think about the skills that might be necessary for the job (examples given below).

I located an excellent resource of examples of strengths and weaknesses to consider. However, remember to include the skills asked for in the job description or typical for the job and follow the four steps listed in #1 on how to answer the question.

Some strength that you might consider for your interview includes:

1. Learning agility and effective personal communication skills - Most researches show that the single best predictor for who will perform well and succeed in a new job is the one who possesses learning agility(a ...

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