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PR Job Responsibilities

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Interview a staff member (not an hourly employee) of your organization's public relations (corporate communications, benefits communications, investor relations) department. What was his or her education like? What are his or her job duties? What does he or she regard as the primary skill for a good public relations practitioner? What is a typical day like for this person? Report your findings to the class. (If you do not have a public relations department in your organization, find a company that does and interview one of its public relations practitioners or talk with a staff person at a public relations agency.) Unless the person you are interviewing works for a public relations agency, do not interview someone whose primary duties are to meet clients, sell products, develop advertising, or create marketing materials. Typical titles for the person you should be interviewing are public relations specialist (or representative), editor, speechwriter, public relations manager, communications director, and so forth. Do not interview receptionists, models, file clerks, or greeters.

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For the purpose of this assignment, we will chose Investor Relations Officer at a large, publicy held company. The role of an investor relations officer is a specialized role of a public relations officer of a large organization. These are the findings after interviewing an investor relations officer at a large publicly held company. Investor Relations is a strategic, executive function of corporate management. It combines the disciplines of marketing, finance and communications to provide present and potential investors with an accurate portrayal of the company's performance and prospects.

What was his or her education like?

The investor relations officer usually possess a degree in Mass communication, journalism, marketing, Business/ Management or Finance, etc. A combination of one or more of these educational qualifications is usually suffice to become a good investor relations officer. In our scenario, the investor relations officer has a bachelor's degree in marketing ...

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PR Job Responsibilities

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Your company has had an outside consultant come in and assess job descriptions and roles, and the way you work together. You have been told that no positions will be eliminated at this time, but some positions may be redefined to reflect better working/partnering practices.
For this consultation, you have been asked to think about your role as the Marketing Director at Resorts 123. There is a Public Relations Director at corporate headquarters, but not a marketing communications department. You tend to handle much of the writing needs, but you outsource your design needs.
As part of this consultant's program, you are required to write a proposal to the Public Relations Director and your Project Director, examining the different roles of marketing, marketing communications, advertising, and public relations. Examine the ideal way in which they (should) all work in concert together, and sometimes overlap each other, in their quest to reach defined goals and objectives.
In the proposal, describe the different functions and responsibilities of the following people as they work in Resorts 123: Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications specialist, and a Public Relations Director. Describe and explain how their contributions could each affect the overall success of the business. Provide examples of your own ideas of approach in each area (marketing, marketing communication, advertising, and public relations) for Resorts 123.
Research on the Internet for actual job descriptions of these job titles and examine their overall scope and differences in responsibilities and duties.

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