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Article Review: How to Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster

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Read: "How to: Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster" (from Mashable Business): http://mashable.com/2011/08/24/pr-disaster-recovery/

Read and identify the claims within it. Express whether you agree or disagree with the author. You should include your opinion here, stating whether you agree or disagree with the author's claims. Continue to use the reading material to help with summarizing, paraphrasing, and argument.

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This article titled "How To Recover From A Social Media Disaster" offered some excellent advice about managing social media and technology in business as well as what to do when something goes wrong. Zachary Sniderman, author of the article, did an outstanding job presenting information and examples of horror stories pertaining to PR disasters that happened accidentally but had lasting effects on a business' or a person's reputation. One that has had a lasting impression happened with former Congressman Anthony Weiner tweeted an inappropriate picture of his lower region to millions of loyal supporters. Not only was this a huge error in judgment on his part, but it also cost him a dream career (and a huge paycheck in the process).

What exactly is a social media PR disaster? According to the article, Social media PR disasters comes in a range of fails and embarrassments. They can be simple slips like posting a harmless link to a funny video or a personal message. These mistakes are easily rectified since they do not really reflect poorly on the company besides showing its social media person can be a klutz (Sniderman, 2011). The article continued with an explanation of the five main types of PR disasters including the inappropriate opinion, the insensitive statement, the early release, the false reward and the hack (Sniderman, 2011). This was an excellent observation of the types of PR disasters because it covered a wide range of mistakes that person can make when it comes ...

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The solution reviews the article "How to Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster."

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