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School Liability Issues

How many times have we taken risks in schools? Risks can subject us to unwanted consequences --- unwanted PR, injury to staff, students, or patrons, and potentially devastating lawsuits. Consider the following actual scenarios. Contribute a scenario with which you are aware (no identifying names, please) that either created a liability issue for the school or could have done so. What types of risk management techniques might have been used to avoid or mitigate the situation?

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One illegal incident of which I am aware occurred at a school where I used to teach. This was a football school, in that football as a sport brought in lots of money from ticket sales, concessions and contributions from alumni and local businesses. The coach of the football team was highly compensated, but under the table, so that his compensations would not violate a rule that the principal be the highest paid employee of the school. His vehicle was provided free by a local car dealership, and the Athletic Boosters provided his home, ...

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Discussion of one incident where a school or school system took a risk with a situation that put them in danger of lawsuit; bad PR and other legal action