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    Liabilities for a school district

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    Lincoln Elementary school is a new school located in a suburb that is close to Big Cold Northern City. You are a teacher at the school and you are in charge of the end of day pick up of children from the school. The "end of day" pickup extends for several hours due to a child care center located at the school. The school has a large circular driveway directly in front of the main entrance. A block long street also extends in front of the school and this is where the School Buses line up to collect and drop off students. Just past the driveway to the west of the School Bus parking area [and on the other side of the driveway] is the entrance to the parking lot for teachers, staff and visitors. Behind the parking lot is a play ground with swings, slides and other equipment. Next to the play ground is a basketball court area which has a large grass field behind it.

    At the corners at both ends of the street that fronts the school you have a four way stop sign and children crossing the street. Parents who drive their children to school come in both directions to the main driveway. Some of them pass the parked School buses and the others make a left hand turn into the driveway.

    What liabilities does a School District face if a child is hurt?

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    What liabilities does a School District face if a child is hurt?

    The school district can be liable for the lawsuits if the victim's family can demonstrate that it failed to create a secure area for students. For example the main cause of the accident can be solely the reckless driving of a parent. However since the student should be supervised by the teacher, if the teacher was not present, there would be liability for both the teacher and the school district. Many state laws protect the teachers from any ...

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