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Culturally Responsive Skills

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Amatea (2013) suggests when teachers acquire culturally responsive skills for assessing parent engagement and facilitating parent participation, parents are more likely to become active within the school community. Research your local school district. (Or use the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools website - http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/mediaroom/aboutus/Pages/FastFacts.aspx)

Respond to the following:

Summarize all pertinent information that makes up the district; student ethnic distribution, number of schools, percentage of economically disadvantaged students, etc...

Research the community itself (Can be found on the district website)

What unique student characteristics did you discover in the data?

What unique resources might exist in the community that this school serves? List at least (2) and explain how these can enhance student learning and academic achievement.

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Montgomery Independent School District in Montgomery, TX represents a district that is located in Montgomery County. Contrary to the ethnic distribution found throughout the county, the district is largely comprised of a majority white population with 90% of the students in the district identified as being white while at 10% identify as ethnic minorities. MISD has 4 elementary schools in its district, 1 intermediate school, 1 Junior High School, 1 freshman 9th grade school, and 1 High School. A large percentage of minority students are economically disadvantaged and this can be explained by the district representing the most ...

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Culturally responsive skills are given. The percentage of economically disadvantaged students are given.

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