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    Redrawing boundary lines and stakeholders

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    Miami School Negotiations Paper

    Prepare a paper in which you analyze the following scenario:

    The Miami school district has announced that as a result of unexpected increases in enrollment, that school boundaries for the upcoming year will be redrawn. The school board has hired experts to redraw school boundaries to be submitted for next year. Under this plan, many students will not be able to stay at their present school. Upon hearing this, parents start voicing their objections to the school board about the proposed plan for the following reasons:
    a. Quality of education
    b. Increased travel time
    c. Crossing economic and cultural boundaries
    d. Impact on property values
    e. Social impacts on children

    You have been assigned to develop a plan to address stakeholders' concerns. Determine the following:
    a. Who are the stakeholders?
    b. What negotiation strategy will you use to support the school board's need to redraw the boundaries while addressing the concerns of the stakeholders?
    c. How will ethics and culture impact your decision?

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    Miami School Negotiations

    The Miami School District found the need to reorganize the school boarders. With the unexpected increase in student enrollment, the need to level the student to teacher ratios became a vital change. Maintaining the quality of education for all students has remained a priority for the Miami School District. In order to eliminate the unbalanced teacher/student ratios in various schools in the district, reorganization was deemed necessary. As with most change, parents and the community presented animosity. Among the issues that were raised included:

     The quality of education the students would receive at their new school
     The increase of the travel time for students now having to go to attend schools farther away than before
     The cultural and economic boundaries being crossed
     The economic effect of the school changes
     And the social impact the changes will have on the students

    As parents, students, instructors, and the community as a whole voiced these concerns, the need to negotiate with the stakeholders and maintain community standing is vital to create an effective and efficient change.

    The shareholders at stake in the Miami School District dilemma include the community, the educators, the educational leaders, the school board, the parents, the students, and the local businesses.

    The community faces changes with the school district lines being changed. Among those changes, include the incorporation of a variety of ethnic groups and an economic impact. The community support is needed by the Miami School District to make the change successful and help the other stakeholders adjust to the transition.

    Educators need to maintain a high level of sensitivity to the needs of the students, families and community. Educators have a front row seat in how students adjust to the district line changes, and should become involved in helping the adjustment go smoothly. As educators are looked to for support and information, educators should maintain an open door communication policy with all students and their families. Keeping all stakeholders informed on a personal level will create a bond between the new instructors and the new student and their families.

    Educational leaders
    Educational leaders are faced with a distinct challenge of creating and implementing an effective change for all participants. The educational leaders need to provide the desired and essential information to keep the community, educators, students, and families informed of the district changes and the reasons why the changes are needed.

    School board members
    As the district lines change, the school board will be required to field questions and provide answers to all stakeholders involved on the change. School board members are in a position to influence the other stakeholders, in a ...

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