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A Comparison of Cross Culture/Cultural Pattern of World Regions

Please discuss:
.A comparison of cross-culture pattern
.Cultural pattern by world regions.

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Cross Cultural Pattern
Cultural patterns are defined as shared beliefs, norms, and social practices that are shared over time and lead to similar behavior across similar situations. Cultural patterns provide a basic set of standards that guide thoughts and actions. These are mostly experience subconsciously by individually rather than being taught. Different cultures have different views and expectations about what has happened and what should happen. Response from one culture may be different from response from some other culture and hence leads to uncertainty about others intentions. If the cross cultural environment is to be fruitful, both parties must bring their cultural intelligence into play.
Components of Cultural Pattern
Belief: Belief is an idea which individuals assume to be true about the world. Central beliefs include culture's fundamental teachings about what reality is.
Values: These are things which culture considers as good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair, etc. Culture inculcates different values which also provide an explanation of the manner in which individuals communicate and behave. Some of the universal value types consist of power, achievement, hedonism, self ...

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The solution compares cross culture pattern and cultural pattern of world regions.