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    Social Behavior: Communication and Organization

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    Humans are social beings who interact with others for survival and to achieve goals. Like the other aspects of human psychology and development discussed thus far in this course, how humans behave in relationship to one another is highly influenced by culture. Examine how culture affects communication and how people behave interpersonally

    Explain the influence of culture on communication style and on communication across cultures

    Compare conformity, cooperation, and competition across cultures

    An explanation of the influence of culture in general on communication.

    Select two cultures with different communication styles and describe how communication might play out between a person from each culture them and why.

    Give specific examples if possible.

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    How Culture Influences Communication Styles:

    Culture is a social heritage that is held by a group of people which is inclusive of the patterns of behavior, attitudes and values. The culture of a people determines their communication styles based on the fact that it influences the manner of thinking, feeling and acting in the society. Communication styles are the pattern of interaction between the people in the society. These variables were developed in the process of human interactions and as they solved problems in their environment. Specific cultures from the world influence the interaction mode of people in the society. This is on the basis on which people find their ways of interacting and experiencing the world. It is imperative to note that culture encompasses all the shared values of communication that are acceptable to the people of the society. This hence means that culture is in deed communication based on the fact that is almost impossible to send out a message that is not in a cultural content (Chapter Three, n.d).

    The manner of relating through the communication styles is influenced by the cultural variables that determine how the verbal and non verbal modes of interactions are ...

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