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    Which of the following benefits Military organization(choose only one) which is most salient and how does it affect the organization?
    Increased creativity, problem-solving and innovation

    -Higher quality decisions

    -Improved processes

    -Increased quality

    -Improved communication

    -Reduced turnover and absenteeism and increased employee morale

    2) Which of the following limitations (choose only one) is most salient, and how does it affect the military organization?

    -Group think

    -Social loafing

    -Quality concerns



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    Collective Behavior and Dynamics:

    Improved Communication is one of the most salient benefits to a military organization. Communication is the invisible thread that binds the organization together and makes all its objectives, mission and vision possible to execute. It is through improved communication that orders or suggestions be given, or knowledge acquired and passed on effectively and efficiently. All entities within the military organization are dependent on the actions of multiple agents within and out of the military organization to acquire near complete knowledge of factors that impact the organization. More often communication networks and patterns impact how a unit completes an assigned task successfully and on time and the position of the leader in the unit. The military has a chain pattern of communication which is hierarchical in nature and this characterizes the strict formal flow of information from the top downwards. It impacts how orders are to be followed and the pattern in which the military organization operates (Military.com, 2011; Global Security, 2007).

    In the contemporary world where war is to be avoided at all costs, military communication has gained a ...

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    Collective behavior and dynamics is examined.