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    Legal Issues in Diversity & Immigration

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    Legal issue analysis of a newspaper or magazine article that discusses a legal aspect of a specific diversity issue (Harassment, ADA, and so forth
    Summarize the diversity issue, analyze the legal concerns, and presents your thought and beliefs regarding the issue.

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    Diversity Issues: Racial Profiling & Illegal Immigration

    The US is one of the most proficiently diverse countries in the world with a populace representing a huge percentage of all the world's ethnicities with some making up a huge chunk of the population and some remaining in the peripheries as minorities. The US that we know today started as a nation of European immigrants. They won territories and via Manifest destiny made into their own the geographic and political superpower that we know as the USA. Throughout its short history, identity and a sense of nationalism was shaped and people who have come to identify themselves as American embraced the democratic freedom and the responsibilities of citizenship that came with it. America being one of the world's biggest economies and it's prime mover in terms of industrial, political, social and economic dynamics, the US has become a hotpot of immigrants from the days when Ellis Island was the gateway to a new life to the current when, due to certain restrictions imposed via issues of security (valid, all of them), for many, the honey pot of a new life in the US is so attractive that many find ways to enter the country and stay by any means necessary including illegal. Hispanics - Latin Americans - people whose ancestry and ethnicity can be traced back to any South American nation are just among the many who try their luck. But, like any other immigrants, some have done so legally and had been successful with Hispanic Americans featuring as a large ethnic minority in the general American Population. Their colourful culture and traditions has certainly enriched American culture from cuisine to the arts. But, with the kind of diversity that the US now enjoys, certain social and legal concerns come to light, none the least of them - racial discrimination.


    This short report by WKRN tells the story of a Hispanic-American woman who was arrested for driving without a license. She and her lawyer attest that she was arrested and not given a citation as should be the case because she was Hispanic. She had her children in the car with her and because she was arrested, being pregnant at the time, she gave birth with restraints. Hill Berry Police (Tennessee) however explained their side - the arrested woman was deported several years back with her legality in the US still in question. Therefore they could not just give her a citation. The woman, named Juana Villegas de la Paz was clearly an illegal immigrant upon further inspection, hence she was then detained. What made her case fundamental is that because of ...

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    The solution presents a legal issue in relation to diversity and immigration based on a specific newspaper article from US regional News provider WKRN on the story of an illegal immigrant and her family currently facing legal and deportation issues in the US. A background on the social issues involved is provided as well as an analysis of legal concerns. A word version is attached for easy printing.