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    Classical and Contemporary Ideology

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    Provide an example of a Classical and a Contemporary ideology that you personally feel is viable. Why should the United States in 2011 begin to move toward these approaches?

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    In terms of a contemporary ideology that the US should adopt I would have to offer that of the modern day environmentalist ideology and the "Going Green" movement because this country is suffering unnecessarily due to our dependency on certain energy sources whereas we could easily convert to solar and wind power sources. Alternative energy sources include biomass energy, wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy. This reform would provide jobs and create a healthier, safer, more balanced environment. Studies show that 1.5 kilowatts PV systems generated through solar power can keep 110,000 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmospheric over the next 25 years and that solar energy will minimize acid rain and urban smog. According to British Petroleum and Shell, by the year 2050, one third of the world's energy will "have" to come from alternative energy sources. In regards to the usage of wind as an energy source, wind turbines are best to generate energy in remote areas such as mountain communities ...

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