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    Music Art over Hundred of Years

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    How is modern music different from the music from a few hundred years ago? What exactly distinguishes it from Baroque or Classical music?

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    Modern music is very different from how it was a few hundred years ago! One of the biggest changes you notice now is that our contemporary ears are much more comfortable with dissonance, that is, sounds that don't necessarily "belong" together in the musical sense. There are several ways you might examine the differences between the time periods. Here are some examples to consider:

    1. Instrumentation - classical music used instruments we typically find now in orchestras, etc. Baroque instrumentation was even a little more restrictive (earlier time period) and included instruments like the harpsichord and clavichord. The only real percussion used was the timpani, and this was sparing. Think about all the percussion used in modern music! Musicians today also take advantage of electric ...

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    The expert determines how modern music is different from the music from a few hundred years ago. What distinguishes it from Baroque or classical music.