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    Coping with culture shock in a globalized world

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    Culture shock is a very pertinent issue in our world today, especially in light of the phenomenon of globalization. As a result we must address this issue as a very real one, and learn about strategies to cope with it. Culture shock comes from living or working for an extended period of time in situations that are ambiguous, where you are cut off from cultural cues that are familiar, have your deepest values called into question, and, at the same time, are expected to function normally, at full capacity (Kohls, 2001). In addressing the problem of culture shock, this solution will give the reader insight into the different stages of culture shock. This will further allow readers, not only to capture instances of culture shock, but to address them and see the process as indeed serious, and affects behaviour and relationships.

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    Understanding culture shock provides us with an avenue through which we can expand our horizons. It presents us with a deeper understanding of how change can affect us all.

    Stages of Culture Shock:

    1. The Honeymoon (initial euphoria) Period: This phase begins before entering the host country. In this phase, people feel excited, anticipated and eager to experience all that the host country has to offer. During this period, ...

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    The expert examines coping with culture shock in a globalized world. Behaviour and relationships are addressed.