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    Culture Shock Analysis

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    In just about any circumstance in life, one has the potential to experience culture shock, either on a small or large scale. Think about a culture shock scenario that you had at any point in your life. Examples of culture shock that are appropriate for this assignment can include migrating to a new country, going on vacation, trying a new cuisine, converting to a new religion, or going to college, just to name a few. Sociologically analyze your culture shock experience by incorporating several sociological concepts/theories from Chapters 3 and/or 4. Write a 3-to-4 page paper by following the outline below.

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    The biggest cultural shock that I've personally ever experienced was in the a country that was previously one of the old Soviet Bloc countries. I visited Prague, Czech Republic in 2012 during the month of December before Christmas. The country is a tourist hub, but it is not the typical tourist hub that I was accustomed to visiting as I had never been to a country that was almost 100% homogeneous and have never been to a country that was previously within the Soviet Union. Therefore, I experienced extreme cultural shock when I arrive at the country, the country has Western style shopping malls and modern venues but these are intertwined with buildings that are hundreds of years old as the city has many buildings steeped in this form of historical narrative.

    In addition, the country is in my opinion extremely homogeneous because of its history of Communism, which resulted in the country lacking exposure to any diversity. This lack of diversity is primarily predicated upon very few minority tourists, residents, and people in general. As a tourist who has visited many countries across the globe, I had never encountered a country that lacked diversity to an extent such as this country, and it had me very self-conscious as a Black American. I was never under any impression of racial overtones in regard to my own consciousness as I was aware of that my self-awareness was a result of my own cultural ethnocentrism as someone who grew up one of the most multicultural yet historically racist countries in the entire world.

    Therefore, I had been accustomed to seeing a variety of different ethnicities when traveling throughout the U.S., and I also was accustomed to seeing a variety of different ethnicities in countries such as the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Brazil, Jamaica, and other destinations that I have visited. This includes the cities that are most popular with tourists of course, as I did experience the same cultural shock when visiting a city in Brazil that was never a tourist destination and had no recognition in reference to the ...

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