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What are the four stages of the culture shock cycle?

Living Abroad: What are the four stages of the culture shock cycle?

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Most people who live abroad for an extended period experience difficulties in adjusting to the new culture; this is commonly called "culture shock". In order to understand culture shock, one must remember that our ability to function in the world depends on our capacity to read hundreds of signs, respond to subtle cues, and behave according to countless explicit and implicit rules. At home we know how to read street signs, how to use the telephone, how much to tip, etc. Much of what we do in our daily lives is automatic and requires little thought. Abroad, the reverse is true and simple tasks become difficult because we don't know how to behave, our actions and words don't get the expected responses, and we don't understand the messages we are getting. We are confronted continuously with new ways of thinking, valuing, and doing things. Sometimes, our common sense is no longer useful. This ...

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This solution discusses the four stages of culture shock and how they apply to situations of living abroad in 584 words.