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Tartuffe Notes

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Please read the play "Tartuffe" and answer the following questions.
1. Tartuffe caused quite a scandal back in the day? Does it still retain any shock value?

2. Tartuffe presets an interesting view of religion for his time. Do you think this view is still held today? Think of some instances where this has happened in today's culture.

3. How does Moliere define gender roles in the play as well as class roles? Who is the smartest, who has agency? Is this a typical view of his culture?

4. What is the rhetorical position of the play in relation to these characters; how does the play advance the position that certain characters are a part of the problem and others a part of the solution?

5. What specific elements of the plot represent or symbolize relevant social perspectives, movements, ideologies etc.

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The play "Tartuffe" is discussed along with related questions in the solution.

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1. Although Tartuffe caused quite a scandal back in the day, I feel that it does not retain the same shock value in our world of reality television and tabloid media. What do you think? Since he uses this play to comment on religious hypocrisy, marriage as political tool, adultery, gender roles in society and other topics, I feel like it resonates with what our society today looks like.
His characters, Dorine and Elmire, provide alternatives to traditional gender roles, maybe offering a glimmer of shock value in 2010, but nothing that Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears don't deliver!

2. Yes, I feel that Tartuffe's ...

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