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As you continue developing your Touchstone Project, you are beginning to assume authorship of your text. An important step in doing so is choosing the most relevant research information possible and then recording the main ideas as notes. Typically, notes record relevant facts, record direct quotations, and provide pages numbers and other information needed in your Reference Page. Although notes can be written on note cards, many of you may find creating a note file in Word to be a more effective strategy since the notes in your note document can be easily added to your paper.

Read through your notes and write a 3-paragraph discussion addressing the following issues:

1. Why your chosen notes so effectively support your thesis.
2. What are the advantages of taking notes over cutting and pasting information into your papers?
3. Why the strategy of note taking will help you as you continue to write your paper.

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As you continue developing your project, I offer some ideas for your discussion:

1. Notes effectively support your thesis because they offer the "meat" of the ideas to guide your paper. Since ideas are at the top of the "food chain" when writing, I ...

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Value of notes is highlighted.