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    Expatriate employees

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    How can organizations maximize the likelihood of success of expatriate employees? What is the single point of failure in the expatriate experience? What can the organization do to mitigate the single point of failure? How can the organization retain repatriated employees upon their return from abroad? What specific tactics and approaches can be applied to retain repatriated employees?

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    Organizations can make their expatriate programs successful easily. They simply have to take some important steps. The first is the selection of the right person for expatriation. This screening process is important. The next step is orientation toward s the expatriation experience. If a person is oriented properly she will be able to adjust well in a foreign country. Finally the most important part, which is training for living aboard that should be provided to employees. Usually there are three types of training that are provided. The first is the training related to impact on cultural difference and increasing the awareness of the person about the impact of cultural differences on business. The second type of training is related to developing an ...

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