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Global competition, expatriate motivation

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Why is the global competition considered the Elephant of the 21st century? What recommendation would you provide to ensure employee acceptance of global assignment and motivate expatriates?

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Why is the global competition considered the Elephant of the 21st century?

Increasing globalization in the 21st century has made world a global village. Internet and e-commerce has redefined the physical boundaries of trade. Companies are expanding globally with the help of reduced trade barriers and improvement in communication technologies. Hence, competition is becoming intense. Today's corporations, be it large or small, are making their presence felt in global market. Size is not considered a factor for exploring opportunities in the global market. Even smaller firms are making bigger impact in the global marketplace.

Global competition has resulted in significant development and growth of large multinationals which can be termed as elephants. These elephants are giving competitive threat to smaller animals, ie, smaller firms. Today's firms have to face competition with these large elephants due to increasing ...

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Discusses questions related to global competition and expatriate motivation.

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