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    Expatriation: Involvement Of Organization In Global Economy

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    Think about a specific organization's involvement in the global economy. Does it have expatriates? If so, how does the organization handle the transitions to and from foreign assignments?

    If the organization did not use foreign assignments, how would you use this information to set up a program to do so? What are the critical elements that need to be included? Be sure to support your response with appropriate material from sources. .

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    The company I work for does not use foreign assignments. Its products such a CNC lathes and milling machines are exported from the US to several parts of the world. The largest exports are to European countries. Even though the company sends sales and service personnel to Germany and France, it does not have expatriates.
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    To set up a program for foreign assignments, will be to prepare the ground for cultural differences between US and the host country. There will be cultural training for the expatriate so that he knows what to expect. The ...

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