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    The union contract covering most of your employees is about to expire. How do you prepare for union contract negotiations?

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    Scenario One:You are a supervisor in a small manufacturing plant. The union contract covering most of your employees is about to expire. How do you prepare for union contract negotiations?

    Scenario Two: As the supervisor of a small manufacturing firm, you need to construct a plan for reducing both accidents and stress on the plant floor. How would you proceed and why?

    Scenario Three: One of your plant managers will be sent to your sister company in Bulgaria for a period of three years. Write an expatriation and repatriation plan for this employee.

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    First you need to know the personnel law and the law relating to union contracts.
    You need to know the objectives of the negotiation from the perspective of the manufacturer.
    You need to find out and guess the priorities of the union and how to counter these.
    You need to find out the dispute causing issues in the old contract and how to rectify these.
    You need to know the new clauses that are needed in the contract and how to persuade the union to include them in the new contract.
    You need to identify the unfair clauses in the old contract and take measures to remove them from the new contract.

    Probably the most important step in healthy organizational change is to make a serious and sustained commitment to it. In non-unionized workplaces, this commitment should be made by top management. In unionized workplaces, both top management and union representatives need to be involved.
    Healthy organizational change takes time. Lots of time. No serious change effort should be initiated with a time frame limited to weeks or a few months.
    Healthy organizational change includes employee health and satisfaction as an explicit and independent ...

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