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    Developing and Retaining Expatriate Employees

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    What are the major concerns for global corporations in developing and retaining expatriate employees, especially managers?

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    Expatriates are employees who are sent by companies on international assignments. Expatriation management plays a vital role in the growth and development of the organization in the global market. In this paper, we will discuss the considerations taken by multinational companies for developing and retaining the expatriate managers in the organization.

    Today, identification and development of leaders has become the critical success factor for the global organization for the purpose of achieving growth in the global market. There is a need for strong leaders to manage people from different cultures and places. Demand for skilled and qualified managers has increased, and in order to survive in the market, companies should recruit and retain efficient managers in the organization to overcome competition. Programs like multicultural task forces, project teams, cross cultural assignments and mentoring programs help develope potential candidates for key positions in the organization by enhancing their global leadership skills (Rioux, Bernthal & Wellins, 2000).

    In the world of globalization, organizations focus on ...

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