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Appraisal of Expatriate Managed Performance

Can you discuss the major factors (see attached) associated with appraisal of expatriate managerial performance? Just small paragraphs for each.


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How well an expatriate performs is dependent upon the following factors:

Cultural adjustment- self and family. This category includes the assimilation of the expatriate and his/her family to the new culture. This can be enhanced through initial family self-selection (picking the right people to send overseas), family predeparture training, and in country support for the family. Families must engage in the process of deciding whether or not to take the assignment, and compete understanding of the challenges and benefits of the assignment should be presented to the family. In this manner, some stress and discontentment can be avoided once expatriate relocates. The family's perception of the relocation affects the expatriate and his/her work in the organization. Ultimately, this is one of the major factors for success on a global ...

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This solution discusses the major factors associated with appraisal of expatriate managerial performance.Discusses cultural adjustment, host country, compensation, task, headquarter support. Includes APA formatted reference.