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    Human Resources Management: Expatriates

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    1)Explain with examples how small business employers can establish cost effective informal methods of job-related training.

    2)Compare and contrast the considerations that need to be made when appraising an expatriate's performance and a local employee's performance.

    3)Explain with an example how employers can protect vulnerable workers, such as women and older men.

    4)Explain a firm's staffing options when filing positions in foreign subsidiaries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using expatriates for staffing foreign subsidiaries.

    Personal opinion on all 4 questions. 150 plus words per question.

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    1) Some businesses encourage their employees to learn some job-related skills to improve their performance at work. They offer opportunities for the deserving ones to be promoted or to shift to another position or department once they are equipped with the skills needed for the job. It is during this situation that employees undertake informal training programs such as the mobile-ready courses and presentations that can be learned on-the-go. This kind of training program saves time and money both on the part of the employee and the company. Informal learning content and videos shared online through social media sites, blogs, and other instruction videos and sites are effective methods to learn new things and they can be taken anywhere and at no cost as long as there is a computer or device and an internet connection.
    Companies can choose and download relevant and useful training resources and distribute the information to their staff. Informal training content is flexible and easier to create and content developers can easily deliver them to their audience in more sensible ways. Another informal training is to ask someone who has experience in the job who may not necessarily be employed in the company.
    2) ...

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    Informal job-related training examples are examined. A comparison of conducting a performance appraisal or evaluating an expatriate and a local employee is provided. The expert determines how companies can protect vulnerable workers.