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Gender Discrimination: Female Bouncers

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The Pair O' Dice Casino refuses to hire female bouncers, on the grounds that they are insufficiently strong and intimidating enough to effectively perform the job. During their trial for gender discrimination brought by a group of women denied jobs as bouncers at the casino, the general manager defended the policy, and offered as the only evidence of the policy's soundness that he, "and everyone else in the world can tell, by looking, that the physical capability of women is less than that of men."

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The general manager is asserting a bona fide employment qualification, also known as a BFQ. A BFQ is a qualification that legally omits certain classes of people from performing certain jobs. An example would be a 100 year-old pilot. Because research has proven that motor flexes deteriorate with age, there is a BFQ with airlines that an airline pilot cannot exceed a maximum age. ...

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