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    The Importance of Innovation and Culture to Companies

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    What are the characteristics of innovative companies? How do different country cultures impact innovation? How do you build innovative companies? Support with experience and UOPHx resources and research.

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    Companies that are innovative are able to gain a competitive edge by revolutionizing their products and/or services and using processes such as good motivational strategies, employee training and culturally sensitive practices. Good motivational strategies first and foremost involve employee engagement. Employees are the backbone of a corporation. When motivated/empowered, they are capable of going above and beyond assisting the company in reaching its goals of being profitable and providing excellent customer relationship. Managers can create behavior motivation systems that will create fun competition among the employees. For example, I used to work for an organization where employees of the month were selected every month. The rewards for being the employee of the month would ...

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    This solution focuses on the importance of culture and innovation to a company's success.