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    Mainstreaming autistic students

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    Assistance is needed with an interview guide and interview questions.

    The general education teacher's attitude toward including and mainstreaming autistic students in the regular education classroom.

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    Research Question for the above topic: How would the general educator's attitude toward autistic students affect the inclusion and mainstreaming of autistic students into the general education classroom? What possible implications would there be for the autistic students? What possible implications would there be for the general education students? Explain.

    Problem Statement: Many educators and parents advocate mainstreaming autistic students into general education classrooms because it fosters understanding and independence among students while others feel that special education classes are advantageous in helping students with learning disabilities succeed beause ...

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    In order for general education teachers to effectively mainstream autistic students into the general education classroom the teacher needs to develop and maintain a positive attitude and determination in order to make it work not only for themselves and their autistic students but also for their general education students. The following is an interview guide and several interview questions to provide direction for any interviewer trying to answer the research question below.