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    Influence of Teaching Background on Autistic Student Success

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    My topic is how the teaching background of the teacher has a direct influence on the success rate of the autistic child and the classroom of mainstreamed children.

    I need help writing this literature review. I need to know how to start it and maybe what I need to include.

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    Mainstreaming has become a popular means of putting students, who have been
    previously separated from the majority of students, into the traditional classroom. This is the
    case with many autistic children, as they acquire better coping skills and learn to interact with
    others more appropriately. Because autism is still relatively rare in the special education
    classroom, as well as the traditional classroom, many teachers lack adequate preparation in
    how to integrate different teaching strategies to meet the needs of such children. "However,
    the growing trend toward inclusion of all students, including those with severe disabilities,
    increases the likelihood that more teachers will have opportunities to teach those with autism"
    (Dorsi, 1998). This means that teachers who do not hold certificates in special education must
    be prepared to ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of teacher training for the success of autistic students in the mainstreamed classroom. The text contains 475 words and references are given.