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Autism and Teacher Attitudes

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I am doing a project study in education. My topic is dealing with autistic students and the teachers attitudes toward these students in their class or school system. I have thought about some type of professional development but don't have an idea where to start. Any idea or suggestion would be very helpful. I plan to work with all grade levels.

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Since your topic deals with autistic students, I feel there are many different approaches you could take. The reality is that autistic students are quite misunderstood by most educators, so a professional development training would certainly be an effective way to go. In fact, most educators I know would gladly attend a session that is designed to equip them with some and additional knowledge and skills that they can implement in the classroom. While they may not currently have such a student in their class, they may know someone who does, or they will benefit from the information in the future when they encounter such a student.

To accomplish this, I want to suggest the tried and true PowerPoint presentation, ...

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Autism and teachers attitudes are examined.

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