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    Teacher's Background and Autistic Child

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    Students with autism who are taught by teachers who have had training and teaching experience, learn better and show lower levels of stereotypy.

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    Research indicates that teachers with a background in methods that address the social, language, academic, and behavioral needs of students with autism will be better able to influence the success of students with autism in mainstream classrooms. Results of studies (Koegel et al. 1977; Sarakoff and Sturmey, 2004; Ryan and Hemmes, 2005) have shown that when students with autism are taught by teachers who have had training and teaching experience, they learn and shown lower levels of stereotypy. These and other studies confirm that qualified special education teachers of students with autism perform better in the mainstream classroom than unqualified ones. Results of the study revealed that the performance of trained teachers was notably higher than that of the untrained teachers. In order to successfully integrate children with autism into mainstream classrooms, it is necessary that teachers have teaching ...

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    This answer is a discussion of the influence of a teacher's background on the success of an austistic child.