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autistic children in the mainstream classroom

I have already developed a research question and interview guide. My question is: Are teachers in the elementary classrooms proponents of inclusion for autistic children in the mainstream classroom?

Date of Interview:
Time of Interview:
Length of Interview:

1. Do you think autistic children should be in the mainstream classroom for the entire day?

2. How is the best way to serve autistic children?

3. What are some of the activities you do in a mainstream classroom that includes autistic children easily?

4. What are some of the changes you make to your assignments and/or activities for autistic children?

5.Autism varies in degree for children. How do you work to include all types of autistic children?

I made up the interview questions and guide but it may need help also. my assisgnment is to do the following:

Develop a list of criteria/rubric to evaluate your interviewing skills. Be sure to define and explain each element of your rubric and support your criteria/rubric with appropriate references to our course readings.

Using your rubric, (of course I don't have one) complete a formative self-evaluation for the interview exercise. Please bear in mind that your self-evaluation for this exercise is just as important as your interview performance.

Please submit one document containing the following elements for this assignment:

Research Question
Interview Guide
Interview Transcription
Criteria or Rubric to Evaluate Interviewing Skills
Formative Self-Evaluation using your Criteria or Rubric

Please look at my research guide and research question and tell me am I doing this right along with helping me on the rest of the assignment.

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Well, first of all, I've been teaching for ten years, and I have had autistic students in my classroom during many of those years. So if you have further questions about this, please let me know. My personal opinion about your question is that it depends on the teacher. I've known teachers who are very comfortable being proponents for having autistic kids in their classrooms. However, just as many teachers are hesitant and/or afraid that they will not get enough support to have the child succeed. Many autistic children can indeed do well in a regular classroom (with supports, of course), but just as many disrupt the classroom environment so much that it impedes the learning of other students. So you could find teachers who are proponents for and those who are dead-set against having autistic kids in their classrooms.

I notice that you didn't include your research guide (not sure what is ...

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Are teachers in the elementary classrooms proponents of inclusion for autistic children in the mainstream classroom?