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Autistic Students in the Regular Education Classroom

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I am writing a paper on autistic students in the regular education classroom and the teachers attitude. I need a short thesis statement for this paper. Any suggestions would be more than helpful

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There have been many arguments and disagreements by researchers and educational specialists on the education model that can benefit the autistic students most. Some would advocate for their inclusion in the mainstream class while others are concerned that the autistic students might drain the teacher's attention and resources from special education programs.

Inclusion of autistic students in the regular classroom conveys the belief of the positive value of diversity in the classroom, not only to the autistic student but also to his or her classmates and friends as well. However, the success of the inclusion depends on the way the teacher facilitates an effective learning environment free of distractions and with some interventions for the included students. An autistic student may learn more in an inclusive classroom when the teacher ...

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Problem Statement

This is my problem statement athat I am w riting for a paper that I am preparing for a class that I am currently in. My topic is "Autistic children in the general education classroom; mainstreaming, inclusion and pull out options". May be I need to change this also but I want to talk about the autistic children in the school system and placing them in the regular education classrooms. I need help making this problem statement work. Tell me what I need to do and how to go about this. I wantto make it presentable and I was told by one of my peers that this needed a lot of work. Help!

There is a problem in the local school system where I am current employed. That problem is that many of our regular education teachers are not properly trained to handle special education or special need children and the vast majority of teachers feel that special need students should be placed in special eduction classes. Not all special need children need to be placed in a special need classroom all day. Some of these children can be included in the mainstream classroom and taught along side of their peers.

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