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    Role Play for Behavior Disorders

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    Behavior Disorder Role-Play

    â?¢ Write a role-play dealing with a student with a behavior disorder in the classroom

    The disorder that I picked is Autism.

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    I thought the chances of getting many hits on Google using the key search phrase "role-play scripts for autistic children" would return few hits - WRONG!!

    There are many examples on the Web of various role-play scenarios for autistic children to help teach them appropriate social skills, interaction skills, and the like.

    role play scripts, article describing therapeutic play that can be done at home or school

    The relevant portions of this site are copied and pasted here for you. The author is Christine Cadena, written december 14, 2007. Please cite this article if you use information from it. It explains role play in autism therapy.

    Play is important to child development. For many children, play begins with interaction with a parent and then stems into play time with siblings and peers. For children with autism, however, the practice of playtime can be uniquely challenging. Without appropriate play time, children with autism may develop more complex language and social complications.

    As the parent with a child who struggles with autism, it is important to not only engage your child in play time at home but also find therapy programs which engage play into the therapy session. Pretend play, more importantly, provides a child with autism the opportunity to engage in role modeling and promotes expressive language based on perception. Because play with autistic children often lacks symbolism, the use of pretend play, especially in role play, may promote learned symbolism.

    At home, you can engage your child in the same degree of role modeling and role play, as part your pretend play with an autistic child. Using video tape, you can model or act out a scene or act out a particular role and then, ...

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    Web-based resources (several) that discuss role play in autistic children's social therapy, with suggestions, from both the sites and from the OTA for various scenarios and scripts for practice role play with an autistic child. References cited with URLs.