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    Communication process of neurons and neurotransmitters:

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    Explain the communication process of neurons in the brain.
    List some common neurotransmitters and describe their effect on our behavior.

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    Neurons are specialized nerve cells present in the brain. They are meant to receive, process, and transmit information to various other cells in the body. They have a special characteristic feature. Their number is predetermined and fixed. In other words, they do not regenerate. We lose about 10,000 neurons everyday, as they die out. But, as we start within ten and 100 billion (Hooper & Teresi, 1987), we only lose about 2% during our lifetime.

    The communication process of neurons in the brain:
    The neurons receive information from other neurons through the dendrites. The information thus received in turn moves to the cell body, which forms the main part of the neuron. It comprises of the nucleus and maintains all the functions of the neuron which are essential for sustaining life. The cell body processes information, which is then passed on to the axon. The axon comprises of bulb-like structures known as terminal buttons at its ...

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    The solution provides information regarding the communication process of neurons in the brain, and various neurotransmitters as related to their effect on our behavior.