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Processes of a Neuron

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I need help in explaining the process a neuron undergoes when going from a resting potential to an action potential to the release of its neurotransmitters.

I am not too sure how to approach this because I do not really understand the process myself.

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This solution discusses what the neuron goes through when advancing to the release of neurotransmitters from resting and action potential.

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There are billions of nerve cells called neurons in the brain that help to organize a person's behavior, thought, and homeostasis. These neurons communicate information to other neurons or other cells. Neurons use electrical signals to relay the information from one part of the neuron to another. They convert electrical signals to a chemical signal so it can be passed to another neuron. The receiving neuron then converts the chemical signal back into an electrical signal and passes it on to another neuron. It is a continual process (Shrira, 2007).

The neuron cellular membrane contains a number of negatively charged ions; whereas, outside the membrane the ions are ...

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