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Motor Neuron

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"Neuron 1" directly innervates a spinal cord motor neuron that projects onto a muscle in the left back flipper (of a sealion).

Assuming that segmentation of the spinal cord follows a similar pattern in all mammals, approx in which of the 4 major regions of the spinal cord and within which spinal cord structure would you expect to find the axon terminals of neuron 1?

Would you expect the cell body of neuron 1 to be in the right or left hemisphere?

Explain your reasoning.

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I don't know anything about sea lions ... this answer will be based on human neuroanatomy (which is fine since the question tells you to assume that there is a similar pattern in all mammals).

Neuron 1 is a motor neuron in the brain that sends information to a muscle in the left hind limb. It is an upper motor neuron (UMN).

It would have ...

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The brain of the Californian Sea-Lion:
Two neurons, neurons 1 and 2, have cell bodies which are located in the primary motor cortex. Neuron 1 synapses onto neurons in the spinal cord and neuron 2 synapses onto neurons within the same area in the primary motor cortex.
1. Based on their function how would these neurons be classified?
2. What type of cortical neurons would they most likely be?
3. Would you expect to find any oligodendrocytes alongside these neurons in the primary motor cortex?

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