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Spinal Cord Anatomy: Neuron Types and Fiber Types

Please indicate which EACH one of these descriptions is (either afferect, efferent, both afferent and efferent, or association):
1. neuron type found in posterior horn
2. neuron type found in anterior horn
3. neuron type in dorsal root ganglion
4. fiber type in ventral root
5. fiber type in dorsal root
6. fiber type in spinal nerve

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1. posterior horn neurons -- both afferent and association
<br> (association neurons are also known as "interneurons" and are
<br> found within gray matter where they serve as local traffic
<br> regulators)
<br>2. anterior horn neurons -- both efferent & small #'s of association
<br>3. dorsal root ganglion neuron -- afferent (sensory) only
<br>4. ventral root fiber -- efferent (motor) only
<br>5. dorsal root fiber -- afferent (sensory) only
<br>6. spinal nerve fibers -- both afferent and efferent (mixed)
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