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Reflex Arc Traced for Patellar and Achilles Reflex

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I need the reflex arc traced for the patellar reflex and the achilles reflex. Name the efferent and afferent nerves, receptors, effectors, and integration centers for each.

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The reflex arc is traced for the patellar reflex and the achilles reflex.

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Patellar Reflex (monosynaptic):
<br>The receptor would be the muscle spindle (made of intrafusal fibers) of the quadriceps muscle. The afferent would be the Ia fibers of the femoral nerve that ascend to the level of L2-L4 and go straight through the dorsal horn to the ventral horn and synapse directly on the alpha motor neuron (hence the term "monosynaptic"). The reflex is ...

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