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    The Histology of Nervous Tissue

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    Supply an answer and explanation for each of the following:

    a) How is one-way conduction at synapses ensured?

    b) what is a mixed nerve

    c) What is the value of the connective tissue wrappings found in a nerve?

    d) Which cells of the following are multipolar, unipolar or bipolar:
    (sensory neuron, motor neuron, and interneuron)

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    a) How is one-way conduction at synapses ensured?
    Organization of the many neurons of the human nervous system into pathways, circuits and reflex arcs, is done through numerous connections among the parts of the neurons. These connections are made without actual contact between participating neurons. Instead, neurons communicate across gaps (synaptic clefts) by means of secretion and diffusion of chemical "neurotransmitters" which are typical of chemical synapses.
    Since only the axon ends of neurons possess neurotransmitter vesicles, and postsynaptic cells possess transmitter chemical receptors, conduction across a synapse can occur in only "one-way," from ...

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    The histology of nervous tissue is examined.