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    Major cell & tissue types in the typical animal body.

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    Discuss the major cell and tissue types found in the typical animal body. Please include sources in APA. Thank you.

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    Believe it or not, but the entire body of an animal is made up of only four tissue types:


    Each one of these four types is subdivided into numerous sub-classes.

    I'll give you an overview of an entire chapter in just about any physiology textbook on animal tissues!

    There are two types of epithelial tissue. They are covering/lining epithelial and glandular epithelial. Covering/lining types form the superficial layer of the skin and some internal organs. Glandular types constitute the secreting portion of glands.

    Covering/lining epithelium can be arranged in one or more layers: simple (one layer), stratified (layers), and pseudostratified (looks stratified, but it's really not). In addition to this ...

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    This solution discusses the major cell and tissue types found in the typical animal body. References used are included.