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    Neural Tissues and the Action Potential

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    All neurons are neural tissues, but not all neural tissues are neurons. Identify and discuss the roles of our different neural tissues, giving practical examples with respect to location and function as you go. Then, apply what we know about the generation of an membrane potential to our nervous system. Describe the generation and transmission of a neural action potential.

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    Besides neurons, there's several other structures that are nervous tissue. The category of nervous tissues that are not neurons is called neuralgia and they are the supporting tissue of the nervous system. Some types of neuroglia are:
    - Myelin
    - Schwann cells
    - Oligodendrites
    - Microglia
    - Astrocytyes

    These neuroglia all have functions within the central and peripheral nervous systems to aid in neural function

    There are a few different places from which a neural action ...

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    This solution outlines some nerve tissues that are not neurons and describe a neural action potential.