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    Chemical and Electrical synapses properties in the CNS.

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    A short comparison of chemical and electrical synapse properties in the Central Nervous System, including physical properties of each synapse type as well as reasons for requiring both types of synapse in the central nervous system (includes brain and spinal cord).

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    Chemical Synapses:
    Chemical synapses are the most commonly thought of and used form of neuronal communication. Chemical synapses involve synaptic vesicle release of neurotransmitters from a pre-synaptic neuron axon into the synaptic cleft to a post-synaptic neuron or neurons. In this type of synapse, information is sent unidirectionally from the pre-synaptic neuron to ...

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    Description of the general aspects of electrical synapses and chemical synapses, and why each is advantageous in the Central Nervous System.