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mainstreaming autistic students

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I am trying to find out are students standardized scores better when they are mainstreamed? Or exactly when are the students test scores better? If the test scores are better, then is it because there is a relationship between teachers' attitudes and test scores? Is there a relationship between teachers' attitudes and test scores?

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You can use me as a primary source of information since I have been a teacher in a public secondary school for 31 years. I do not think that the teachers' attitude is linked to the performance on a standardized test. I know that there are federal laws which govern how a special ed student is tested and that accommodations must be met by your school concerning these and how a student is tested, and you have grounds for a law suit if these accommodations are not given to the student. These accommodations include giving the student a secure and private environment where he/she can better concentrate and have his/her own individual instructor to administer, proctor and sit with the student during the test. It should be someone that the ...

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This posting identifies how teachers' attitudes are linked to the performance on a standardized tests.

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