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Timberland's Community Involvement

Do you believe that Timberland's community involvement programs illustrate the principles of strategic philanthropy.

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First of all, let us discuss what 'strategic philanthropy' means. Strategic philanthropy is a type of giving to the community and at the same time it enhances the company's reputation with its customers because it shows that the company cares for its environment and the community. It is not about showing off activities to pretend to have good intentions or adopt a cause just for the purpose of selling products but it is a way to help and show customers that the company is aware of the community where it belongs.

Consumers have begun observing companies around them. They decide to patronize companies which have social conscience. When consumers find themselves needing to make a decision regarding the company which to buy products, they choose and buy from ...

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The solution discusses Timberland's community involvement as a strategic philanthropy. References are included.