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    An Easy Way to Write a More Organized Paper

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    A professor shared an idea with me that I thought would be beneficial for students who have a difficult time organizing information when writing research papers and other large articles.

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    A professor shared an idea with me that I thought would be beneficial for other students as well. It's an IPFAC, which is simply a writing process that helps you outline issues, principles, facts, and assumptions for research papers. Every paper must have a clear beginning, middle and end. This process has helped me write papers over the years and it may prove beneficial for you as well if you just give it a try. Defining an issue will help you begin your essay. You discuss facts, assumptions and answer questions in the body of your paper. And lastly, you wrap up all of your ideas with your conclusion.

    Other important things to remember are that when writing a paper, facts will always outweigh assumptions. It is okay to raise questions, but it's imperative that you refrain from making assumptions that aren't able to be supported by viable resources. Likewise, just because a source insinuates that a statement or hypothesis is fact, that doesn't mean it really is. If you can find two other sources that say the same thing, then it's possible that what's being reported is true.

    Sample IPFAC


    Could a shortage in Chicago after school programs be the cause of an increase in gang recruitment and activity?


    Project Chicago Housing Authority (CHANGE) is ...

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    After following this process, you'll learn how to create an IPFAC, which will not only help you produce more organized papers, but also assist you in determining which ideas and points are most meaningful, in addition to those that need to be left out.