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    Writing Process

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    This posting discusses features of the writing process.

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    Although this topic is vast, please allow some of my ideas and research to help. Once you write your own paper, please send to me for editing:

    Please note that Pamela Arlov's theories about writing hold true. She sees it as a process of trial and error and experimentation. As a result, I agree with her notions and also consider the process of writing as empowering for novice writers.

    As you expound upon her idea of quick takes from chapter 1 and offer a convincing argument to support Arlov's claim that one's writing skills can improved upon by serious application of the quick takes, you can argue that the writing process is facilitated best by practicing, quick takes, and constant reflection. Research shows the power of quick takes and freewrites because they encourage students to become "more comfortable with the act of writing" (http://web.mst.edu/~gdoty/classes/concepts-practices/free-writing.html_). Since practice builds confidence, routine, and writing exposure, I embrace Arlov's claims. Quick takes also help to advance ...

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    This posting overviews Arlov and the Writing Process.